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A post about some recent events, closures, new beginnings, and other reflections.

Testing, testing... We are reconnecting...

The past couple of weeks have been a time of closing cycles. We had our farewell party, and my semester of teaching creative coding ended. With it, it was also the end my two years of teaching there. I'm very grateful about these events and experiences.

Regarding paperwork, we are getting closer. It was very exciting to go to the consulate to request our visas. The idea of us moving to another continent felt even more real when going there. But we still have to wait...

Interestingly, at the beginning of this year I decided that my "word of the year" would be Patience. I decided it because I was looking for a job change and other transformations, for example regarding my personal physical training. I knew that I had to take the process slowly, calmly, with compassion. Similar to how I treated the learning processes of my students.

Due to how this Phd process started and has been happening, I have come back to the word again and again. Patience.

Regarding the program, I did submit my video entry to the Thesis Talk event. Once its online I'll share it around here.

Additionally, I have been making my 4-years long plan. It's funny because I tend to have trouble imagining that amount of time. Recently I think I've gotten more used to the idea of planning for a year. Four times that is a lot, but I'm super thankful with my advisors/directors who have been helping me with that. The word Patience comes again: it's okay (and I would say it's needed) to go slow.

My process of reading and note-taking continues. Now I'm trying to use Zim Wiki, especially because it's more lightweight and that can be definitely felt in my relatively old computer. I haven't tried it yet, but it seems that regarding mobile/Android support, I can use the Markor program

Zim - A Desktop Wiki

Markor Editor

Finally, I have been thinking a lot about so-called "social media" and the presence that I want for me there. I still haven't arrived to a conclusion, and I wonder if I will, but I have been thinking about embracing abundance and letting myself shine.

Additionally, regarding my use of it, and the patterns of visiting these websites to check updates (even when most of them are in the fediverse, and not super engineeredto become addictive), I got inspired by this post by ~cblgh, that describes a setup for a "single-purpose" computer dedicated to social media. In my case, I'm attempting to use an Android device that has an OS version with some "digital wellness" features like the possibility of assigning timers to specific programs.

social media computer - alexander cobleigh

The writing of this post had been running away from me. I'm glad to have it done now, and I don't feel bad about letting a couple of weeks slip away. That's a novelty in my case, because some other times I would have gotten a little bit intense about "losing the streak".

I feel calm, and I wish you could all see the tree-based sight I have in front of me.

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