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Hello from the other side - these characters are now written from Madrid, Spain!

This past month was hectic: even though we felt ready, once we were faced with the surprising news of our visas being ready, we realized we still had several things to solve in Mexico! Additionally, once we arrived in Madrid, we have had another set of issues to overcome, combined with a lot of movement (walking, running, biking) and exploration. Hence, not a lot of time to sit down and write, until today.

I see people walking on the street. Everything seems "normal". This is our new normal, it seems. I'm still getting used to the idea of being so far away from everyone and everything I knew. It is kind of unbelievable: the world is indeed very big!

I'm very excited and motivated for this new stage of life!

I love that for the most part, the work I've been doing these days regarding my Computer Science and Technology PhD has happened sitting in the floor together with other people, working with paper, writing by hand. Is this some kind of dream come true?

Meanwhile, the Thesis Talk 2022 event happened: I wasn't selected for the final round this time, but my video can be found along with others in the event's site:

Thesis Talk 2022 | UC3M

My thesis talk video

I started working already with the aim of submitting a paper in a couple of months. It's a little bit daunting but also very exciting! I'm very curious to see how things start to fall in place during the following days and weeks.

I'm glad I have this space to share some aspects of this new experience.

See you soon!

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