public appearances of the project on stage.

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qiudanz tag

we showed an exploration called qiudanz tag using the qiudanz technique in the Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces Workshop 2022

video: qiudanz tag @ Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces Workshop 2022

Workshop 2022 - Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces

dec 6, 12022
9:00 am EST (UTC-5) / 15:00 CET (UTC+1)

(a)live computing dance

alive computing dance on Algorave 10th birthday live stream

video: (a)live computing dance @ algorave 10th birthday

algorave 10th birthday

sunday march 20, 12022
10:20 to 10:30 UTC -6

this was our first performance using the qiudanz technique.


la consagraciĆ³n de la computadora was presented in two different events that year:

june 21,22

itp residents show 2019, collab, brooklyn, ny

photo of pieces of wood in the floor, with some hands manipulating them

april 14

world premiere, mayday space, brooklyn, ny

photo of a person with a symbol of cardboard in the face, while looking at pieces of wood in the floor



change-a-bit, an interactive installation

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