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explorations of joyful and human-scale computing.

developing computers that are dances, rituals, games.

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photo of the rite of computing: there is a wiggly row of shapes in the floor, each of them composed of small blocks of wood. a person is crouching, building one of these shapes. other two people are watching, sitting in the floor. there are some cardboard shapes with symbols, also in the floor.

selected projects

qiudanz technique

photo of a smiling person who seems to be dancing, with extended arms in front of them. they are pointing towards the left, where there's an overlay of some kind of code written with addition and subtraction signs, periods, and square brackets.


four rows of tiles, each one with a different pattern of tiles and with a bird with a hat in a different pose and position

coloring computers

photo of the cover of the zine, colored photo of a pair of colored pages of the zine, with a 7 segment display showing the digits 2 and 3 photo of a pair of colored pages of the zine, showing a digital circuit answering if two colors are the same

beans computing

photo of the norpet paper board accompanied with soy and black beans, and a hand starting to solve it closeup photo of the norpet board completely solved in one of its states: the grid is full of either soy or black beans.

introduction to uxn programming book

screenshot showing the stage of the pong game: a couple of paddles at the sides, and a ball at the center