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little person computer

the little person computer is a model to learn about computer architecture


is uses the decimal system, with words of three-digits each.

it has ten instructions and 100 memory addresses.

example programs

written in the corresponding assembly language.

as part of the s-camino practice.

multiplication of two numbers

no labels

pure assembler version, no labels.

        STA 16
        STA 17
        BRZ 11
        LDA 16
        ADD 15
        STA 15
        LDA 17
        SUB 14
        BRA 3
        LDA 15
        DAT 1
        DAT 0
        DAT 0
        DAT 0

with labels

the same behavior as above, but using labels for easier programming and reading

inputs  INP
        STA a
loop    STA b
        BRZ print // finish if b is 0
        LDA a
        ADD result
        STA result
        LDA b
        SUB one
        BRA loop
print   LDA result
one     DAT 1
result  DAT 0
a       DAT 0
b       DAT 0

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