nibble dice tracker

a 3-channel music tracker based on the nibble dice described by maleza.

programmed for the uxn virtual machine.

screenshot of the nibble dice tracker: 6 columns of 8 pairs of two dice each

uxn nibble dice tracker - demo video


the interface consists in 3 sections, one for each audio channel/device.

each section consists in 2 columns. the right column of a section has an indicator for the position of the "beat", and its state (playing or not).

each column consists in 8 bytes.

a byte consists in 2 contiguous nibble dice: the one at the left is the high nibble, and the one at the right is the low nibble.

the bytes in a section map to the following aspects of the tracker and uxn audio device

first column

available samples:

second column

external notes

uxn audio device

midi notes


the code

you can find the code in the uxnería

uxnería repo

possible improvements

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