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applying for a micro-residency to develop the qiudanz technique.

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due september 15th, 12021

update 12021-10-19: it got accepted for the slomoco fall phase! :)

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qiudanz technique

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qiudanz technique is a proposal for a movement practice based on the computational transformation of sequences within a constrained vocabulary. it is part of a commitment to preserve computer science beyond electronics and industrial civilization, as a potential way of knowing and understanding emergent complexity in the universe.

the purpose of developing the qiudanz technique is to share it to create dances either based on known abstract computational machines, like tag systems or turing machines, or used to discover many more possibilities. these dances would be post-collapse and nomad-friendly because they don't need material props and can be performed by small groups of people with diverse movement abilities.

in the qiudanz technique we will be working with linear sequences of movements from a given vocabulary. the first movement of a sequence would be called the "head", and the last one would be called the "tail".

learning the technique would consist in becoming fluent in applying transformations to these sequences, e.g.: remove movement from the head, append movement x as a new tail, move tail to head, move head to tail, swap head and tail, increment, decrement or invert movement at the head, etc.

there would be many possible ways of practicing, playing and/or performing the qiudanz technique. either solo, e.g. performing a new sequence each time by applying a specific transformation to the previous one; or in pairs or teams, e.g. one person performs a sequence and the other repeats it with an applied transformation, continuing back and forth, or one person performs and transforms their sequence as indicated by the transformations given in the form of movements by the other.

our plan for a micro-residency in slomoco is to develop activities for learning the qiudanz technique. these would be shared in the form of workshops, written text and diagrams.

SloMoCo Statement *

Why do you think your project is a good fit for SloMoCo? How does your project resonate with the SloMoCo mission and experimental format? How do you envision situating it as a part of SloMoCo? Expand on your "type of submission" selection. (no more than 250 words)

the qiudanz technique is a potential way to explore and (re)discover computing via movement, and/or movement via computing.

it is based on the belief that computer science can be engaging and has a place in human worlds even when happening beyond electronic computers. however, it also acknowledges that electronics-based communications can be a great way to disseminate the practice and to connect with an attuned audience and set of participants.

the qiudanz technique can be practiced in groups or alone, co-presently or telematically. it is resilient to, and possibly improved by, delays and errors in telecommunications. we love the paradox of using electronic computers to share about non-electronic computing practices.

the project identifies with the slomoco experiment and its micro-residency format in at least a couple of ways:

on one front, the qiudanz technique is mainly a speculative practice that tries to develop and suggest alternative paths for engaging with and/or preserving computation. these are definitely impractical and could seem useless from a technocratic and techno-utopianist point of view. we perceive that slomoco doesn't necessarily share this point of view; and instead instigates a pace, level of attention and open-endedness that would be compatible with the project.

on another front, we feel-think that the micro-residency is perfect for developing the qiudanz technique: the format is accepting of works in progress, workshops, and engagement with the community. it lends itself for sharing and getting feedback, and for continuous iteration that might deviate from its originally intended form.

Documentation/Archiving *

Each SloMoCo author will be delegated a Manifold project where they can publish their work in many different ways (text, epub, images, data, interactive web elements, video + media, etc.) How do you foresee using this virtual space?

i foresee using this virtual space in two ways: on one hand as a development log with text, images (and possibly videos) of the proposed activities and the decisions behind them; and on the other as a repository of the in-progress descriptions, diagrams (and possibly videos) of the activities to learn and practice the technique.

qiudanz technique

Please indicate what stage this project is in and when you would be ready to present it. This is just to help us make programming decisions.

the qiudanz technique is a new development based on previous work of the compudanzas project.

for the moment it is just a planned framework, but it can be ready soon to start prototyping and testing it.

the idea is to use the available opportunities in slomoco to test in groups and iterate the work-in-progress design of the practice.

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