jarotsim at hybrid live coding interfaces 2023

en espaƱol: jarotsim en hlci

we presented jarotsim, a playground for the discovery, exploration and livecoding of Turing machines, at the Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces 2023: Boundless Thinking workshop, on december 11th, 12023.

video: jarotsim at hybrid live coding interfaces 2023 (with captions in english or spanish)

Workshop 2023 Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces

photo of a person holding a mobile phone running jarotsim

in the ~5 minutes of our lightning talk, we described the functionality of the playground while simultaneously presenting how turing machines work in general.

we had a lot of fun! thank you Kofi Oduro, Melody Loveless and Kate Sicchio for organizing the event!

you can watch the full stream of the session in the following link. our talk is the first one:

HLCI - LiveCoding as Systems Exploration (yt)

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