highlights of 12023

this year, my theme of the year was oleaje (waves). the idea was to observe the cycles regarding interests, patterns of thought, initiatives, self-perception, and more, that I tend to move in. it was very enlightening!

looking at the log: we presented jarotsim at hlci, started a section on thoughts, and changed our identidad visual. it seems my academic life took a toll on our online activity!

however, going IRL, it's worth noting that our friend @vladomiro translated norpet mascota digital and used it several times in (computer) science dissemination events in UNAM, CDMX! it's great seeing projects getting a life of their own!

additionally, and very importantly, this year we met in person several people that we only knew from the online world, mainly from the merveilles community but also from the fedi(verse) in general! it was delightful to put bodies and faces to handles and avatars, and by extension to embrace their complexity. it's interesting how their/our richness as humans is not always reflected in online activity. looking forward to meeting them again, and to getting to know more people!

finally, regarding paper (?), I journaled way more than in previous years. I got a little notebook and the habit of writing down my thoughts there. thanks to doing that I have been able to process the oleaje better. in general, I preferred to write there instead of "shouting at the (online) void". also, this is the first time I manage to log the books I read during a year. I'm excited to continue with both activities!

the theme of the year for the upcoming year is commitment, and in that sense I'll commit to advance and develop compudanzas further. the objective is to log at least one activity per month. we're starting already!

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