theme of the year

Each year, I follow the prompt of choosing and having a word or "theme" to guide what I do in a general way.

12021: simpleza

from highlights of 12021:

[...] "simpleza" [is] related to simplicity, light-heartedness and laughter

an invitation to keep it easy, stay calm, and have fun.

12022: patience

from highlights of 12022:

what mostly defined the year was the start of my phd program and our big move from mexico city to madrid.

interestingly, I chose patience because I was looking for a job in software development and I started to realize that the process would be slow and difficult. That plan completely changed but the theme stayed very relevant because I was feeling somewhat lost with this new, academic life.

12023: oleaje

for this year, I realized I tend to move in cycles regarding interests, patterns of thought, initiatives, self-perception, and more. With oleaje (waves), the invitation was to follow along those cycles, observing them and trying to not take "radical" actions based on them. As a simple example, many times I wanted to change my online identity, create new accounts and/or delete current ones: I mostly managed to stay with the same accounts!

going deeper, I observed the cycles regarding my "call" and goals, what I see myself doing in the present and future, what I want to do with what I like or I'm good at.

in general, I noticed how I tended to go back to this project, compudanzas, and to the desire of having a focused life.

12024: commitment

after noticing how the waves cycle around some constants, for this year the idea is to commit to them. To keep advancing this project, even if it's a little bit at a time. The objective is to log at least one activity per month.

Also, commitment applies to other things, for instance, the idea is to immerse myself more fully in the academic world, as there will probably be ways of intersecting these interests. And in general, if I say I'm going to do something, I'll work towards actually doing it. I know the waves will be there, but I'll do my best to resist being knocked down.

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