maintenance practice

creating is fun, but sometimes I want to slow down, revisit, review and document what I've done before.

we have a twitch channel that we're using to stream our maintenance practice, focusing for now on the uxn tutorial. compudanzas

upcoming stream(s)

however, in the roadmap we listed some points that need attention, so contributions are welcome if anyone wants to jump in! feel free to contact us.

stream log

in reverse chronological order:

12024-03-28: uxn tutorial

in this stream, we searched for the uses of macros in the whole tutorial and classified them according to how complex it would be to replace them with something more current. we replaced some macros (RTN) and listed the possible changes in the roadmap.

we also went through the list of the pending tasks and realized that everything should be working alright except for the pong example that needs to be modified in how it clears the sprites.

12024-03-16: uxn tutorial day 2 (part 2.1)

in this stream, we updated the example sprite for the 1bpp mode; it's now an arrow pointing downwards and to the left so that the flipping is more evident. we updated the corresponding code.

we also updated the colors table (sprite byte low nibble for 1bpp) and did some other minor formatting corrections.

12024-03-14: uxn tutorial day 2 (part 1)

in this stream, we went through the first part of uxn tutorial day 2 and decided to split it into two parts: morning and evening.

we updated the colors in all the examples (to do: update the screenshots) to have them further differentiated.

we also added links to the varvara docs and nchrs notes, and implemented some minor corrections in language and formatting.

12024-03-09: uxn tutorial day 1

In this stream, we reviewed uxn tutorial day 1, updating links and terminology.

The most important change is that the tutorial is now mainly targeting the learn-uxn (online) platform, so that learners can jump right in and experiment without having to deal (from their or our side) with setting up a dev environment (the instructions we had regarding that were somewhat outdated).

learn-uxn by metasyn

The discussion about different ways of running uxn/varvara was moved to an appendix that is a work-in-progress.

Thanks to 256k for the lively discussion!

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