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permacomputing / computing within limits

references related to permacomputing

Permacomputing wiki

from viznut

permacomputing | viznut

permacomputing update 2021 | viznut

Digital esthetics, environmental change and the subcultures of computer art | viznut

more concepts

LIMITS Workshop on Computing Within Limits

Frugal Computing - Wim Vanderbauwhede

Marloes de Valk: A pluriverse of local worlds: a review of Computing within Limits related terminology and practices

Minimal computing

Digital Environmental Metabolisms: An Ecocritical Project of the Digital Environmental Humanities

from xxiivv

XXIIVV - collapse informatics

XXIIVV - permacomputing

XXIIVV - longtermism

from low tech magazine

How and why I stopped buying new laptops - low tech magazine

Deslumbrados por la Eficiencia Energética - low tech magazine

The monster footprint of digital technology - low tech magazine

in gemini

texts by solderpunk in the gemini protocol

Discussions toward radically sustainable computing - solderpunk

the standard salvage computing platform - solderpunk

art projects

Rare Earthenware - Unknown Fields

Unknown Fields Division - Summer 2014 China Cargo ship expedition

The Handheld Is Dead! Long Live The Handheld! - Emilie M. Reed

non-electronic computers

analogue computing


Brendan Howell - Rustic Computers

Jeff Thompson ++ Human Computers

a bunch of rocks, randall munroe, xkcd

The Stilwell Brain - Vsauce (youtube)


wdr papier computer

paper computing


turing tumble

Rule 110 marble computer (youtube)



programmable water - paulo blikstein 2003


Logic Gates - Domino Computer

ABA Oman students set world record for dominoes circuit


λ-2D: An Exploration of Drawing as Programming Language, Featuring Ideas from Lambda Calculus

lambda diagrams


Escher Circuits: Using Vision to Perform Computation

The Complexity of Sliding-Block Puzzles and Plank Puzzles - Robert A. Hearn

dance and computers

Computer Dance - Analivia Cordeiro


What is solarpunk? - Andrewism (yt)

Un Manifiesto Solarpunk - ReDes

An Anarchist Solution to Global Warming ~ Peter Gelderloos

computer science

Computation: finite and infinite machines (1967) Minsky

Universality of Tag Systems with P = 2 (1964) Cocke and Minsky

Cook, Matthew (2004). "Universality in Elementary Cellular Automata" (PDF). Complex Systems. 15: 1–40.

A video of Conway's Game of Life, emulated in Conway's Game of Life.

Hexing the technical interview

Martin Gardner and Scientific American

Wang Tiles and Turing Machines


Social Studies of Computing Research Group

Queer STS (Science and Technology Studies) Manifest


The Cuneiform Tablets of 2015 Long Tien Nguyen, Alan Kay

Virtual Machines and One Page Computing (discussion)


emergent complexity

Finally We May Have a Path to the Fundamental Theory of Physics… and It’s Beautiful - Stephen Wolfram Writings


perspectives on living under collapse awareness

versions of the deep adaptation paper - jem bendell

Deep Adaptation opens up a necessary conversation about the breakdown of civilisation

how to live like the world is ending - margaret killjoy

take what you need and compost the rest: an introduction to post-civilized theory - margaret killjoy

it is time to step into the role of the "prospective survivor" - britt wray

loving a vanishing world - emily johnston

Living with Collapse By Erik Assadourian


deep green resistance

stop fossil fuels

solarpunk, see above

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