an open-ended game of rocks and sand, and/or a simulator for compudanzas

the sandy space contains a bunch of rocks in either one of two possible colors, and yourself.

push and arrange the rocks to prototype and build your own computer, cellular automata, 1-bit art, etc.

screenshot of the game. it shows a square clear space inside a textured world. inside the square there are several round rocks of two possible colors. there is a small platform, and a person.

what will you do with the sand?


darena was developed as an exercise to learn about uxn

uxn virtual machine and assembly language

on one hand, this happened as part of the s-camino practice.

on the other, this was thought as a potencial simulator of computational performances.

you can play with it in the web, thanks to the webuxn port by aduros:

darena via webuxn

webuxn repository



use the arrow keys for cartesian movement within the space

possible "improvements"

the code

this iteration has 31 rocks and a single toggling station where one can switch their color/state.

you can find the code in the uxnería

uxnería repo

incoming links